I Switched from Clickfunnels And Here's My SAS Affiliates/GroovePages Review

My Honest Review Of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's New Course On Using GroovePages To Make Money

Jason Caluori & Barry Plasow’s SAS Affiliate Review

The SAS affiliate program by Barry Plaskow and SEO expert Jason Caluori has everyone talking about the lucrative profits attained by this money-making training session on GrooveFunnels. The training allows affiliates to understand how they can take advantage of the traffic attracting capabilities of the GrooveFunnel system. The program encompasses valuable insights by SEO experts like Jason Caluori which helps to not just attract traffic, but also allows members to rank the websites and pages created with the system on search engines.

Moreover, the SAS affiliate training program is apt for any form of business such as e-commerce, local traders and affiliate marketers. In addition to this, the program helps and allows affiliates to captures easy sales from buyers who are on the verge of buying without having to spend a single dollar on marketing and advertising endeavors.

By using this platform, you’ll understand how money should not be a problem for beginners as it can be equalized by inventiveness. Similarly, the lack of traffic conversions should also not be a huge contributing success factor as there are several spammers who have limited conversions but are able to earn a plethora of money. Once you’re done with the SAS Affiliates training sessions, you will realize that the only thing between you and affiliate commissions is the amount of traffic received on your page or website.

Key Feature of The SAS Affiliate Program

The key features of the SAS affiliate training program by Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori on GrooveFunnels are:


> Holistic marketing solutions

> Commission hijacking opportunities

> Training sessions by SEO experts

> High conversion website templates

> Infinite keyword opportunities

> Step by step guide


Holistic Solutions to Marketing Needs

The SAS affiliate program on GrooveFunnels provides a holistic solution to all marketing needs of users affiliates this is one of the reasons why people will stay on this system for a long time. GrooveFunnels offer more than just landing page opportunities, few of the other features of this platform are Groove webinars, Groove videos, Groove affiliates, Groove blogs, Groove sales etc.

Free Web Hosting

The training sessions by Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori teach how GrooveFunnels can be used to host websites for free. Local web-hosting agencies charge a considerable amount of money for their services. Whereas, Groove allows its member to host their website from the system free and avoid spending so much money for this purpose.

Huge Traffic Attracting Capabilities

GrooveFunnel allows associates to benefit from the huge traffic attracting capabilities of the system to their webpages. The SAS affiliate program further enhances the capabilities of the platform due to which members can rank top on search engines. This is possible by the valuable insights shared by SEO legends like Jason Caluori. Moreover, the system also helps to attract traffic by creating exquisite website pages.

This is great for intercepting traffic and promotes sales in less time. Usually, when a new product is launched it takes more or less a few months to gain some traction. But with the SAS affiliate program, the same traction can be created within hours.

Free Commissions

The SAS affiliate program provides members with a special commission hijacking formula that allows grabbing fast sales from shoppers who are on the verge of making a purchase without spending any money on advertisement or marketing endeavors.

The training session teaches how this can be done while shoppers are exploring search engines to finalize their purchase, and affiliates of the system can steal those sales effortlessly at the last second. Hence, not only can marketers rank top on search engines but will also be able to kill sales.

Recurring Income for Life

The SAS affiliate program teaches how members can use the Groove system to ensure recurring two tier income for life by putting in a little effort. To avail this benefit, affiliates just have to share their system link to other acquaintances and bring them on the platform for free.

Once these new affiliates upgrade or sign up, the person who brought them in will receive a monetary reward. Moreover, when the new member invites someone else into the system, both the new and the old member will receive a commission

Easy and Fast  

The SAS affiliate program is very fast and easy to understand. It provides comprehensive step-by-step training to affiliates for four weeks to help them rank and earn commissions. Webinars and videos are shared by SEO masters and experts to guide newbies into their new virtual venture.

Step by Step Training by SEO Experts

The program offers live training along with follow-up and bonus trainings by SEO legends and experts like Jason Caluori. These experts share their secrets and tips to success with all members in order to help them rank effectively. Valuable insights by seasoned professionals significantly help beginners to learn and adopt effective marketing strategies.


Restricted to Groove Affiliates

Although there are several benefits of the SAS affiliate program, sadly these benefits are limited to only Groove affiliates. Therefore, people who are not on the Groove system cannot benefit from the opportunities of this program.

Initial Investment

Another drawback of the SAS affiliate program is the initial investment of $397 that needs to be made in order to avail the many benefits of this program. But the system also provides a three payment plan for people who cannot afford to make the entire payment together. The three payment plan is like this:

> Single payment - $397.00

> 3 payments - $167.00

> 5 payments - f $97.00

Final Verdict

The pros of the program definitely supersede the cons. Therefore, to join the SAS affiliate program, sign up to benefit from new templates every month and get valuable insights from seasoned professionals like Jason Caluori.

✅ Free-mium version - YES! You can sign-up and use several components 100% FREE

✅ Cutting-edge, lightning fast page loads, plus ridiculously easy drag & drop templates make site building fast & FUN!

✅  Built for newbies & veteran site builders, agencies, and bloggers - NO CODING OR TECH SKILLS NEEDED! 

Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

  • Q. "Can I do this?"

 - We have people that have NEVER been able to make anything online work getting their websites ranked on the 1st page of Google in the first week! Why? Because we show you step-by-step EXACTLY how to do it. It just flat-out WORKS.

  • Q. "Does this work for local/affiliate/e-commerce?"

 - Short answer? yes - yes, and yes. Look, with our over-the-shoulder video training, ANYONE can follow our Master SEO Trainer - Jason Caluori - as he patiently guides you thru everything that needs to be completed...but the great thing is? Once you do it a few times, these can be built in minutes!

  • Q. "Isn't it going to be saturated with all so many people wanting to join?"

 - So the truth is, is that there's multiple affiliate programs that we're showing you how to promote. And then we're doing that because this is where there's the most activity, and the most money being made the fastest. And then you can apply this to other affiliate programs. Plus using it for local brick & mortar businesses, and e-commerce, the potential truly is UNLIMITED...well...only limited by your imagination...

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